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SKU: EC00020


urn your old masonry fireplace into a modern, efficient wood-heating system with our Ecomaxx Premium Inbuilt. Installation into an existing fireplace will be ideal with an opening of at least 700mm W x 700mm H x 400mm D. The Ecomaxx Premium Inbuilt has a unique washable HEPA Filtration System, keeping room air clean and dust free. All particles over 4 microns are immediately trapped before entering the fan, ensuring that you can breathe easy and enjoy the power that the Premium range offers. What’s more, the extra large glass will guarantee you a magnificent view of the fire. Fully EPA approved with emissions of only 1.6 g/kg, the Premium boasts an impressive efficiency of 69.6%! Its brick-lined firebox will accept logs up to 460mm in length, making loading ultra easy. Wait no longer and obtain the best of wood-heating!



  • Ceramic glass thickness : 5 mm
  • Maximum average power - hardwood : 12.0 kW
  • Average peak power : 15.2 kW
  • Test standard (safety) : AS/NZS 2918:2001
  • Recommended heating area : 240 sq. m.
  • Steel thickness (top) : 5 mm
  • Optimum efficiency - hardwood : 69.6%
  • Average emissions - hardwood : 1.6 g/kg
  • Type of fan : 3-speed
  • Maximum log length : 460 mm
  • Shipping weight : 153 kg
  • Exterior dimensions (H X W X D) : 656 mm X 694 mm X 531 mm
  • Exterior dimensions with fascia (H X W X D) : 776 mm X 993 mm X 531 mm
  • Test standards (emissions) : AS/NZS 4012/4013 (2014)

    Payment of your heater and parts is required at the time of order.

    For installation, payment is required on the day of install.

    Installation prices are as follows:

    Standard single storey property $550

    Double storey property $850

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